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Already in 2007, copyservices with its diploma services was the first provider in Munich to focus on printing student theses such as master's thesis or dissertation in high quality.
Mentioning the quality is really important, because it's brand core. We're not located in Schwabing, we don't have a dorm nearby, students put up with a long approach, that must and should have a reason. How well we do our job can only be known afterwards, but the quality can already be judged beforehand, since we explicitly name all the machines and materials used, and these are simply upper class, something that we also presume the submitted final work and therefore find appropriate.

Got afraid of high cost now? - A comparison helps. Total prices. Previously. This will certainly help not only us.
Our prices are competitive despite the high quality. Because we don't align them to what could be charged, but to what is fair and respectable. And because we have a high output and can thus save on quantities in purchasing.
> Here you can calculate cost for your thesis. 

We print express: Everything is done in two hours

Production time of two hours

The second good reason for putting up with a long approach is the production time. We produce within two hours. And that completely, not only based on pure printing. And that not only for certain types of binding. And that regardless of the run. And that at no extra charge. And that without limitations, not only on sunny days or when the order situation is just suitable or from 12 noon to 2 pm. You don't even need an appointment. Everything is finished two hours after order receipt.

Online Order & Delivery


The possibility of commissioning online is used most often by now. This saves time and an extra way and you can find all auxiliary means and guidance online, means can be supplied online even to a greater extend.

You simply commission via our special online shop for theses , which offers all options available offline, which collects all configurations for your individual thesis and also connects them with the respective template file, no extra upload, no wrong conjunctions.
The cost is directly displayed in the shopping cart, same prices as offline and at the cash point, since all reached quantities and quantity scales are already taken into account.

Those who also want to save themselves the second way can take hold of the delivery options. We deliver either Germany-wide with DHL or by courier within the city area of Munich.

Scientific theses

Ordering Locally

Of course you can also seek advice at our Munich store, there you can also find various samples for bindings, printing and paper that can help with the decision.
Together we fill in a form with all your wished configurations and you can review if everything is recorded right and you also get an advance price.
However, it has proven to be very helpful for interested people to have one or two looks at our portal for final theses, especially concerning the template file, especially concerning the file format .pdf , such forehandedness can spare ways and disappointments.

Scientific theses


The diploma services and their Home

Portal for final theses

On the special portal for theses  you will find everything your final work needs for a glamorous finish.
All necessary information on work quality and commissioning, services and guidance such as the 3D hardcover configuration  or the extensive practical guide  are assembled here and vying for attention.
Particularly remarkable is our colour pages check  for template files, which we have and offer exclusively, on the one hand this is the only way to determine cost in advance for templates with colour components and on the other hand you get the opportunity to peak the cost a bit by converting template pages that contain unwanted colour components (such as many scans) into b/w pages. There is little worse in printing than noticing when commissioning that you have many more colour pages than expected.

With the diploma services portal we advise on materials, terms and cost, sort things, create confidence. Because usually the last thing you need in the last stages of a thesis is a really nice time-consuming occupation with the print finish.
With this portal we try to do our part.

Portal for final theses

The diploma services are looking forward to your visit online or a consultation on site.