printed conference materials

Taking care of your business

As early as 1999, copyservices was launched as a printing service for companies. With comprehensive and/or bound templates such as conference materials, brochures and handouts, you are in the right place, especially if they also are to be representative.
You obtain premium quality at (for low-quality quality) standard market prices, accomplished through high output. And we produce rapidly. Because our material stocks are very high and our employees are very well versed. The production time is reliably calculated both in the price calculator and in the shopping basket.

Thanks to online commissioning and delivery service, you do not have to leave your desk, so you can concentrate on your core business.

Offset or Digital Printing

Poaching in external preserves is the last thing we want to do. Not because we'd love offset printers so much, but because things like these are always at the expense of the customer and the quality of work. Marginless printing, trimming, plotting and high-run flyers belong to offset printers. Definitely intended for us as a digital print service are all templates with a high number of pages as well as everything that is time-sensitive.
The basic difference between offset and digital printing: The offset interposes a template plate. This plate is cost-intensive, but the copies are cheaper. So offset printing is only suitable if the template plate can be amortized. Good for a single template page with large edition, bad for multi-page templates, but for them there's fortunately us. :)
Delivery service

Delivery service

In order to save as much time as possible for your work, delivery options are also part of our performance list.
This includes the courier service within Munich as well as shipping by DHL Germany-wide.
The courier option is suitable for very urgent or heavy orders, however, the time window has expanded from usual two to three hours before the pandemic to about five to six hours and doesn't close again. ( Of course, the courier delivery service is booked at the time of ordering, so the production time can be deducted from the delivery time. ) Even more urgent matters can be delivered by taxi, but this only for regular and thus invoice customers, since we cannot offer a flat rate for it.
Shipping options, alternate delivery addresses and invoice payment are selected at the end of the online order process.
Payment can be made in advance or PayPal, as of the second order, delivery is also possible against on open account (for companies headquartered in Germany).

business services go green

Officially recognized environmental and nature protective organizations print at copyservices at the purchase price or even below.
The preconditions for this service are the verification of common public interest, the printing on recycled paper and a minimum purchase of 10,000 prints, since the administrative effort incurred would otherwise be in poor proportion to the benefit.
To make use of this option and for a price calculation, please send us an e-mail.