The Print Shop

Location & Accessibility

The print shop is located on Fraunhofer­straße 14, Glocken­bach quarter, Isar­vorstadt in Munich, only 200 meters from the historic centre ring. The underground and tram station "Fraunhoferstra├če" is right outside the door.
> Directions 
> Approach by local public transportation services 
> U1/U2/U7/U8  to 'Fraunhoferstraße', exit 'Klenzestraße'
The store is located right next to a special cyclo-track and public visitor parking ground is just around the corner in the Klenze­stra├če.
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Shop Hours

Monday to Friday from 9:30 am to 1:30 pm and 2 pm to 6 pm


The print shop is divided into two areas, one self-service and one order area.

Self-service Printing

Self-service printing In the self-service section printing can be done on leased, therefore always professionally maintained, colour laser systems from the renowned company Konica Minolta with 600 dpi resolution and polymerisation toner, which print both colour and b/w. For documents containing b/w and coloured pages in the mix, pure b/w pages are also recognized and counted as such in the colour printing mode.

The printing is possible up to the format DIN A3, on various papers with a grammage of up to 250g and with many settings. For own materials, we ask you to bring the appropriate packaging into the print shop also.
Print in self-service All self-service printing systems are standardised equipped pure white recycled paper and Double-A-paper, the selection can be made directly on the device.

Every printer always displays the current print quantity and the lump sum price.
All workplaces also offer the possibility to print your files (please do yourself an favor and only bring .pdf files with you) via USB slot from data carriers - most reliably from a USB stick. If you want to print from a device without a USB port, please refer to our information for USB-free upload.
Here, too, b/w and coloured pages are recognized, counted and calculated separately. Please note before printing that scans not explicitly stored in grey scales often contain unwanted color components.
Furthermore the print templates can also be obtained from the Internet on all printers.

If the prints are to be bound, our service staff will get it done professionally, carefully and rapidly.
Copying in the print shop

Printing by Assignment

Assignment printing Large-scale orders can be placed by means of a form and printed on our production machines. For this purpose, we have set up a special commissioning area with samples of prints, paper and bindings in many variants, additional configurators and calculators. Once you have decided, we will save your file template and assign it to all options you have selected for printing and binding. All this information will then be printed, checked by you and not till then executed.
We will be happy to advise you.

Place an order Alternatively to ordering on-site, we offer two online shops, a general one with all available options and another purpose-built for final theses . You will receive all services in full as if you commission on site.