The PDF in the printing process

Whenever a file has been generated in an application program, such as Word, Excel or Pages, it is first on hand in an open file format such as .doc, .docx, .xls, .ppt, .odt, .pages.

In printing, open file formats usually pose a problem, since their information is sometimes only available in the creation environment. This often leads to transmission errors when calling on other systems. Although the text is usually preserved, important modifications such as font, pagination or column width are no longer available, the most well-known error is probably the suddenly visible paragraph symbol in Word files. Often this already happens within a version change in the same application program. The contents of these files then look 'shot' and are printed just as well.
A file in an open format where conversion errors occur cannot be repaired in this other environment where the error just has already occurred, this can only be done in the creation environment.

We therefore urge you to bring your templates in the closed PDF format.

The Format PDF


In order to avoid these transmission problems between platforms, Adobe has developed the file format .pdf.
A pdf file looks alike on every system.

Each document from each application program can be transferred into a PDF file, most of the current programs usually have this function already implemented.

A PDF can be imagined as a photograph of the monitor in the creation environment. It copies what you see at home in front of you and cannot be edited, once created. Therefore, please carefully check the PDF for any errors immediately after creation and make sure that all fonts and images have been embedded.

The Converter PDF24 Creator

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PDF24 Creator

In case your creation program has not integrated a PDF converter, various free programs are available on the Internet, which can install themselves as printers and thus create a PDF from every program.
A particularly powerful and extensive program for PCs is the PDF24 Creator.
The program installs itself as a printer called 'PDF24' on your system. So to create a pdf file, go to 'Print' and select the favoured options there in the characteristics of the printer driver as you also would choose them when printing at home.

The PDF24 Creator also contains a large variety of options to edit already created pdf documents, i.e. to separate, include, or even insert individual pages. Options and instructions can be found at the producer of the converter .

We ask for your understanding that this is only the notice of a conversion program of another provider and that copyservices cannot provide support or even take responsibilities for performance or availability.