File Upload for the Self-service Area

Every now and then people come to our store, hold USB-less PCs, Macbooks or smartphones out to us and would now like to print. There would be only two options for this: 1. We grant unfamiliar devices access to the company's internal network. That would be somewhat unwise. 2. Plug&Play printers. Do not exist. A printer needs a printer driver as an interface between itself and the system from which it is to be printed.

The only problem solving is therefore to transfer the file templates from the customer's system to ours (which of course provides the corresponding printer driver).

There are three ways for such a transfer without USB:

Mail Account

Certainly the simplest, cheapest and safest option. All our self-service computers have Internet access, you only need to open the files in your mailbox and print from there. Unfortunately, this variant often fails on site due to the password.

Cloud Storage

Various file hosting providers such as Dropbox, luckycloud or YourSecureCloud provide a storage space with data security, but in addition to registration, a fee is usually required there. Currently free of charge and registration: Filedropper .

Upload to copyservices Server

In addition, we offer the possibility to upload pdf template files to one of our external servers. Other file formats are manipulable and therefore a danger to our server and all customer files on it.
This solution is unpersonalized and costless for you. We code the file names and delete automatically after 24 hours (just in case you haven't made use of the delete option yourself by then), but if someone is determined and knows his stuff, they will be able to view your template.

Switch to external upload server >
The language there is German, so here is a short explanation of what to do:
You upload your file and get an access code. With this code in your pocket you go to our print shop, visit the download page and enter your access code there.